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Partial Nephrectomy Class II

Partial Nephrectomy Class II

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The Partial Nephrectomy Class II model is modelled from a CT image of a tumor on the lower lobe of their left kidney. The model enables users to practice tumor resection with precision and accuracy. The included renal vessel exposes the warm ischemic time and estimated blood loss, providing users with valuable insights into the surgical process and help refine skills.

These models work together to provides task specific training of essential skills of a partial nephrectomy, including:

- clamping a renal vessel

- tumour removal

- closure with renorrhaphy

 Package Contains:

- 1 x Partial Nephrectomy Kidney (hydrogel)

- 1 x Tube with Luer

Recommended Bundle:

- Partial Nephrectomy Fat Base 

* Note: Partial Nephrectomy Fat Base is essential for use with electrosurgery, and is sold separately. 


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